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July 2008 - age fotostock unveils easyFotostock

easyFotostockTM is a "low budget Royalty Free" (LBRF) model, and the brand new site at is currently on-line, offering a very attractive pricing formula for image file resolutions of 1MB, 6MB, 26MB, and 50MB.
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age fotostock unveils easyFotostock

July 2008

For the past few months the age fotostock IT and marketing teams have been hard at work developing easyFotostockTM, an innovative business model in stock photography, which is expected to become another source of significant additional income for the company. age fotostock has always taken the necessary steps to ensure the long lasting existence and profitability of the company, which has been operating for almost 35 years, as well as the livelihood of its photographers and other specific provider collections age fotostock distributes. As the business models change, it became clearly necessary to develop one that suits the needs of an emerging market segment today.

easyFotostockTM is the result of age fotostock´s clear understanding of the technological disruption that digital photography has produced, and the benefits of the economies of scale it has generated, despite opening the market to an enormous volume of images that has undeniably affected the final price. This situation has made it possible for many more segments of the visual market to use images cheaper, faster, and even more conveniently than ever before.

easyFotostockTM is a "low budget Royalty Free" (LBRF) model, and the brand new site at is currently being beta-tested and will offer a very attractive pricing formula, for image file resolutions of 1MB, 6MB, 26MB, and 50MB.

The new site will be accessible within the age fotostock website and easyFotostockTM will share client names, as well as the functionalities of the e-commerce platform, lightboxes, Digital Access Management (DAM) back end and more, thereby offering a sweet deal for all those thousands of clients accustomed to using

Furthermore all age fotostock distributors directly or indirectly using our THP technology (over 182 in total) will have the opportunity to incorporate the easyFotostockTM module within their websites, thereby enabling their clients to enjoy the same facilities.

easyFotostockTM is not a another photographer community and for that matter it will not have a forum where photographers will be moderated and can explain stories about how many downloads they make, how much they like their colleagues´ images, debating about Model Releases or how much money most of them finally receive... easyFotostockTM is an extension of age fotostock´s core business, RM, RF, and now LBRF that simplifies the purchasing process and correctly licenses images to all those clients that are looking for a good image at an affordable price.

easyFotostockTM is the answer for all those clients that still want images of good enough quality but are not prepared to pay RF or RM prices as they neither require the control or sophistication.

easyFotostockTM is also the answer for that surplus of images age fotostock receives from photographers around the world and that cannot be incorporated into the age fotostock (RM) and Pixtal (RF) collections, and that are returned to the authors because while the images are commercially viable they repeat existing subjects and styles.

easyFotostockTM, is the outlet for the enormous surplus of images that age fotostock constantly receives, therefore enabling photographers, as well as other participating suppliers, to expand the scope of images that can be channelled to the market for the clients to select their preferred option.